Ricky & Brandie's February 2012 Prayer Letter

TJ loved the firetruck!
TJ loved the firetruck!

February 20, 2012


Dear Praying Friends,


Last night we had our Firemen-Appreciation Service. We honored the memory of a firefighter who died in the line of duty. His widow and two children were able to attend. They are pictured here with Brandie and Ava. There were 60 firemen who were present for this special night. T.J. loved meeting them and seeing the fire trucks.


A few weeks ago, a poor neighborhood near the place where my mom has a jeepney route caught on fire. Thankfully, none of our church people were affected, but over 200 homes were destroyed. Our church has been reaching out to those families and bringing them to church and trying to help with their needs.


We will be having our annual “Family Day” on Sunday, February 26. This has always been a big day for reaching families in our city and getting them to come faithfully to church. Many of our current members were saved on Family Day. Our guest speaker will be Pastor Gerald McKelroy from Bellmead Calvary Baptist Church in Texas.


Our family is doing well. Brandie stays busy with the kids and taking care of our home. She also conducts a Ladies’ Fellowship for our church ladies every other Sunday afternoon. T.J. is getting so big and loves to act out the story of David and Goliath with my dad. He asks a million questions every day and has fun doing some schoolwork with his mom. He can read and write a few short words and enjoys doing some simple math. Ava is almost 7 months old now and is such a joy. She has a sweet personality, and everyone loves her. We will be getting a new family portrait taken soon and will send it with our next letter.


Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and ministry here. We love and appreciate you all.


In Christ, 


Ricky Martin with Brandie, T.J., & Ava

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