Ricky & Brandie's August 2012 Prayer Letter

Pastor Repogio having a Bible study with new Christians
Pastor Repogio having a Bible study with new Christians

August 17, 2012


Dear Praying Friends,


Greetings! We will be going to Manila for Ava’s permanent visa hearing on August 28; please pray that everything goes smoothly and quickly. We’ve been working on this process for twelve months.


Tonight I went with my dad to a wake for an Iloilo policeman who was murdered this week. His widow is three months pregnant with their first child. We’re praying that she will come to our Police Appreciation Night next month, along with two other police wives who were recently widowed and their families.


In recent weeks we’ve enjoyed hosting visiting groups from several churches in the States. It’s always exciting to see young people who are considering the mission field for future ministry.


Pastor Jeremie Repogio is supported by Global Baptist Church Planters. He started new church near Bacolod City and is doing well and reaching people in his area. Here is a testimony of one of his new members:


I am Rodelyn Montebilano, 34, and I am married with two kids. We are neither Catholic nor Protestant. My husband and I don’t belong to any group. We did not go to any church. My mother was a member of an Evangelical church since I was a little girl, and I remember she always brought me when she wanted to worship on Sundays. When I got married, my mother always told me to look for a Christian church, and she encouraged me to join one. I was content to not go to church, and my husband didn’t want to. One day my mother was visiting our home, and she met Pastor Jeremie Repogio when he was visiting houses in our place and passing out tracts. My mother called me and introduced me to him, and then he started talking to me about Jesus Christ, and he dealt with me about the saving grace of Jesus. It was then I realized I was really a sinner that needed to confess and ask forgiveness of my sins. That day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Every Sunday I’m now faithfully attending church with my two kids. My prayer is that my husband will go with us someday, but he always makes excuses when I invite him. May the Lord touch his heart one day and he, too, will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Thanks to my mother and to Pastor Jeremie that the Lord used them for me to realize that I needed Jesus Christ in my life and that life without God is hopeless and miserable.


For more information about Global Baptist Church Planters, Pastor Jeremie, and how you can help others like him, visit www.globalbaptist.net.


In Christ,

Ricky Martin & family

Pastor Jeremie Repogio with Rodelyn and her mother
Pastor Jeremie Repogio with Rodelyn and her mother
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