Ricky & Brandie's October 2012 Prayer Letter

Pastor Ronil Sadam preaching at the wake of one of his church members
Pastor Ronil Sadam preaching at the wake of one of his church members

October 12, 2012

Dear Praying Friends,


Family Update: Our daughter Ava (14 months old) is walking now and, of course, occasionally falling. T.J. is turning 5 on the 24th and is excited about his cousin Landon, his Aunt Rachel, and his Uncle Matt visiting us for a few weeks. Since our last letter, I was admitted to the hospital for eight days with dengue fever and had to undergo platelet transfusions. It wasn’t enjoyable, but there are worse things to have. Thank you to those who knew, prayed, and sent messages and comments on my wife’s Facebook page. Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated.


The church had its 10th Police Appreciation Night with nearly 300 officers. We honored three families and widows of men killed in the line of duty in our city this year.


We just got done with the annual pastors’ conference, where I met with nearly a hundred pastors. One of them, (pictured above right) Ronil Sadam (who started a new church this year), shared this new Christian’s testimony (verbatim):


“I am Ronie Sibuano from Garcia Tapaz, Capiz, 54 years old, married to Terrie Sibuano. I have six children, five girls and one boy. My wife and my four children are already member of Fundamental Baptist Church. I and my two daughters are member of Catholic Church but we are not faithful in attending mass. Sometimes I go to church thrice a year, and sometimes twice. I am very grateful to the lord for not just saving me from hell, but also for changing my life from worst to better. Before I am badly sank to worldly pleasure, like vices and worldly friends which made me worst. Many times my wife talk to me with tears begging me to give up all the vices that I have. I tried, but I can’t because of my friends that keep on forcing me to do it again and again. Until one time Pastor Ronil Sadam visited me and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to me. He told me that if I die without Christ in my heart, I will suffer forever in Hell because of my sin. I began to be convicted of my sin and I trust the Lord Jesus Christ alone as my Lord and Savior. Sunday after I got saved, I attended the church service of Pastor Ronil Sadam for the first time. After the service I decide to get baptized. Since I got saved I decided to give up all vices that I have. I am now enjoying my life in attending churchservices and participating in the Lord’s work. Truly real satisfaction is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for my spiritual growth and my unsaved loved ones that they may experience the real satisfaction that I have experienced. To God be the glory.”


We pray that God continues to bless you and your ministries.


In Christ, 

Ricky Martin & Family

Mr. Ronie Sibuano, a new Christian and member of Pastor Sadam’s church
Mr. Ronie Sibuano, a new Christian and member of Pastor Sadam’s church
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