Ricky & Brandie's May-June 2013 Prayer Letter

Brandie with friends, Christianne & Cindy
Brandie with friends, Christianne & Cindy

May 26, 2013


Dear Praying Friends,


My husband asked me to write our letter this month and share with you about our ladies’ ministry here in our church. I’ve been working with our church ladies and having monthly Bible study/fellowships with them since January of 2009. I’ve enjoyed watching this ministry grow and have learned so much from these precious members of our church.

In the past, our church staff ladies have taken turns being our guest speakers each month. This year as I planned our meetings, I asked some of our members to speak and give their testimony. I want to share a brief biography of some of our faithful ladies.

Mrs. Leilani Orquiola (pictured above): Her husband passed away last year just a few months after being diagnosed with cancer. She shared their testimony of salvation and the blessed marriage they enjoyed. Please pray for her and her two young adult children.

Mrs. Thelma Delariman (pictured above): is a loyal, hard-working member of Iloilo Baptist Church for more than 28 years now! Every Sunday morning she brings in jeep-loads of children and families from one of the poorest areas of our city to Junior Church. Many of the ladies who attend our monthly fellowships started coming to our church after Ma’am Thelma invited them to attend.


Me & Ava with "Nanay Sita" & T.J.
Me & Ava with "Nanay Sita" & T.J.

There are so many other wonderful stories I could share. Here’s a funny story- one night TJ was telling me about whom he had shaken hands with during our “Welcome Song” at church. He said, “Mom, you know, that older lady that looks like Rapunzel?!” I said, “WHO??” After thinking about it- I knew he was talking about Nanay Sita, one of our long-time members (she’s in her 80’s), who always has her hair pulled back in a long braid!


It’s a blessing to me that these ladies pray together for our Filipino missionaries, each other, and our church and Pastor. They are soul-winners as well! Each year we have a “Treasures in Heaven” soul-winning program. In 2012 the ladies who attend the IBC Fellowship won over 140 souls to Christ! They also gave a special love offering to one of our missionary families in Africa totaling a little over $100.

Thank you, for your prayers for our family and ministry. 


 In Christ, Brandie Martin

We had our annual World War II Veterans’ Appreciation service this morning. Here are a few pictures of the day’s events.

Prayer Requests:


Please pray for our student recruitment. Classes begin in June. Also, our church is in the launch phase of our Christian radio station. We have been on the air intermittently as we develop programming and install equipment and should be fully operational this week.

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